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Comedy Festival mini-review #5 - Harley Breen - Braille Radio

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April 2nd, 2010

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06:17 pm - Comedy Festival mini-review #5 - Harley Breen
Harley Breen is a pretty big bloke - 6'4", 115kg, it's funny how we always mix Imperical and metric when matching height to weight but whatever - and to prepare for his show Personal Space, he locked himself in a very small bathroom for 42 hours in the hopes it would give him material. If it did, he only uses a very small amount of it in the show, but since he's really bloody funny it doesn't really matter.

I mean, sure, there's some discussion of the bathroom incident, some video of the bathroom incident, some self-confessed bad puppetry of the bathroom incident, but in the end it's mostly a way to frame a set that's about living space, personal space, and the way your view of space changes as you grow up. If that all sounds a bit serious, don't worry - it's also stories about genitalia, gay oranges, Aslan, seahorse-based roadside attractions, drunkenness (quite a bit of that), and nearly dying of exposure during a storm while apparently covered in semen. It all hangs together, honest, and the glue is Harley's (I don't know him, but it would seem formal to just call him 'Breen') immense energy, perfect timing and a set of blokey mannerisms that made him sound to me like a smaller (and much less racist/sexist) version of my little brother, the giant bush plumber. Uncanny, to be honest.

Harley is also much funnier and more entertaining than my little brother, and Personal Space is a really great show, the kind that really gets you thinking about going out and getting totally pissed afterwards. And you gotta love that.

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